Craighouse Development

Craighouse Update

Many of you will not have failed to notice that a broad swathe of land to the north of the top of Easter Craiglockhart Hill has been cleared of gorse and brambles. Craighouse Limited, working together with Scottish Water, have cleared this land in preparation for the installation of a new mains water supply. The […]

Craighouse Update August 2017

  In December this year, three areas of woodland will be transferred by the Craighouse developers into Council ownership and the area of our Local Nature Reserve will almost double. We have been working with the Council and the developers to agree the exact boundaries of the transferred land and are now satisfied that a […]

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Craighouse Work Starts – Details

It is more than two years since planning consent was granted for the controversial housing developments at Craighouse. Many people have been wondering what is happening and have become concerned that the listed buildings could fall into disrepair. The restrictions on access over the past six months have added to the frustration. However, at long […]

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Craighouse – Work Starts

At long last, work is underway at the Craighouse site. The new developers – Quartermile – are already working on site infrastructure and hope to start the conversions of some of the listed buildings in the New Year. Three areas of woodland will transfer into Council ownership by December next year and this will increase […]

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Craighouse Update

  Many people in the local community have been wondering about progress with the Craighouse developments. Planning permission was granted 18 months ago but nothing much seems to have happened since then apart from some land clearance. Clearbell – the developers – have now set up a website to inform the community about the planned […]

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Craighouse Campus Scheme 3 Proposal

Our aims state that we should: preserve the Easter Craiglockhart Hill Local Nature Reserve for the enjoyment of members of the public with special provision for the disabled conserve and enhance the wildlife value of the area and increase its biodiversity develop and improve the area We have analysed the latest Craighouse proposals from this […]

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Consultation Meeting on Craighouse Site Development Scheme 3

Craiglockhart Community Council are holding a Special Consultation Meeting on Craighouse Site Development Scheme 3. Tuesday, 8th July 2014 at 19.30 until 21.00 Napier Edinburgh University Craiglockhart Campus Room 2/10 Craiglockhart Residents are invited to come along to allow the Community Council to formulate their response to the Scheme 3 planning application submitted by The Craighouse […]

Community Ownership

The City of Edinburgh Council have recently completed a Public Consultation regarding the possibility to “transfer ownership and management of the woodland and open space within the Easter Craiglockhart Hill Local Nature Reserve and Craighouse Campus to the Council or appropriate body in the community.” The Friends of Craiglockhart Woods and Nature Trail (FCWNT) were […]

Craighouse Development: Public Consultation Dates

The dates for the public consultation meetings which, we believe, form part of the formal consultation process are as follows:  Thursday 1st September     4pm – 8pm  Saturday 3rd September   10am – 4pm  Monday 5th September       4pm – 8pm  According to the developers these will “cover the same ground” – the aim being to provide a range […]