Craighouse Update August 2017


In December this year, three areas of woodland will be transferred by the Craighouse developers into Council ownership and the area of our Local Nature Reserve will almost double.

We have been working with the Council and the developers to agree the exact boundaries of the transferred land and are now satisfied that a sensible boundary line has been defined.

 There will be a wooden fence, a narrow ‘buffer zone’ then a hedge of native shrubs where the transferred land borders the houses and flats on the Craighouse estate. Parts of the western and northern boundary will remain open just as it is at present.

The developers must hand over the woodlands in a condition which is acceptable to the Council so some diseased or damaged trees will have to be felled. We are satisfied that the intention is to minimise damage to the woodlands.

We hope soon to have detailed maps and a full tree survey report which will explain the reasons for removing individual trees. Contact us at [email protected] if you would like more information or if you would like to comment in any way.