About us


In October 1997, the City of Edinburgh Council (CEC) proposed the Sale of 1.21 acres of land at Craiglockhart Terrace for a housing development.

In 2005 , Easter Craiglockhart Hill was designated as a Local Nature Reserve underlining its importance for nature conservation as well as its great landscape value. This should ensure the area is protected from any further development. The LNR is jointly managed by the City of Edinburgh Council (CEC), the Craighouse Partnership and The Friends of Craiglockhart Woods and Nature Trail Group (FCWNT).

FCWNT continues to work in partnership with the City of Edinburgh Council and the Craighouse Partnership to preserve and improve the woodland area of the LNR for the enjoyment of members of the public with special provision for people with disabilities.


FCWNT Group’s objectives are:

  • to preserve and improve the woodland area of the LNR
  • to support access to and the use of the LNR

What does the Group do?

  • organises community events each year such as the Summer Woodland Fete in June
  • raises funds from local contributions, charitable grants and the CEC
  • sends out a quarterly newsletter to keep local people in touch with recent events and plans for the future
  • takes part in work days with Friends of Craiglockhart Nature Trail
    initiates one or more new projects each year

What projects have been undertaken?

  • the planting of 400 native trees (gean, rowan, birch, and hazel – donated by CEC) in the area of the demolished building
  • resurfacing the curling rink to provide community and play space
  • upgrading paths to wheel chair standard
  • the planting of a massive 8,500 native bluebells
  • new seating and the planting of a wild cherry or gean in the centre of an improved grassy area by the pond
  • 14 bat boxes installed in trees to encourage winter hibernation
  • the removal of an area of Japanese knotweed (over 3 years) by the stream ready for replanting with native
  • rowans and shrubs. This appears to have been successful.
  • a viewing platform in granite sets for the Nature Trail Board by the pond
  • snowdrops planted alongside the paths
  • wild honeysuckle planted along the fence by the Sports Centre

Much of the work has been carried out by volunteers but funds have been used to pay professional contractors where this was necessary.  Most of the trees and shrubs have been donated by the City of Edinburgh Council.