About the Hill

Easter Craiglockhart Hill is unique in this area of Edinburgh by having a wide range of habitats in an accessible publicly managed natural greenspace promoted as a Nature Trail. These habitats include open water, marsh, woodland and grassland.

Marsh and Pond

In the marsh area by the pond you can find flowers like northern marsh and common spotted orchid as well as frogs and toads.

The pond was originally built for boating in 1887. It is home to many birds such as nesting swans, coot and moorhen in summer and tufted duck in winter.

Friends of Craiglockhart Woods and Nature Trail


These woodlands were planted over 200 years ago and today you can see a mix of sycamore, elm, beech and ash.

You can also find sanicle, common dog violet the English bluebell. Along the edges of the wood grow horse chestnut and sycamore trees. Near Craighouse you will see oak, and a plantation of pine and larch, while near the pond there are silver birch and yew – quite a variety!

Look and listen for birds like great tits, wren and blackbirds. In the evening you may be lucky enough to hear owls or see some of the bat population.

Nature Trail through the woods

Facts about the local geology can be found here.

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