Fancy helping out by volunteering on the Hill? We have a range of ways in which you can get involved – to the degree that suits you. From conducting Hill Patrols, to joining Hill Work Squad sessions, Volunteering From Home, and even Adopting part of the LNR to care for, we have an option that suits your diary, your skills and abilities, and your level of engagement.

Hill Patrol

The Patrol option is the easiest and most accessible way to contribute to the care of ECH. Patrols can be conducted during the course of every day activities such as; dog-walking, jogging, cycling etc. and are designed to help us decide where to direct our land management and conservation efforts by collecting data about the usage and general health of the LNR.

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Hill Work Squad

The Hill Work Squad (HWS) is our standard volunteering option designed to allow volunteers to help with practical tasks around the LNR. These might include things like planting trees, pruning and cutting back encroaching vegetation, maintenance of woodland features, play equipment and paths, wildlife surveys, litter picking, invasive species removal, etc.

Hill Work Squad members will be included on our HWS mailing list where sessions will be advertised and organised. Work sessions will usually address a specific task identified in advance and HWS members can opt-in at their leisure. This will be group orientated work with as much emphasis on the social side as the practical task itself, an opportunity to engage with a community of like-minded people who want to make a difference!

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Community Adoption

Community Adoption is aimed at those who feel compelled to do more, have time to commit on a regular basis, and are developing a real sense of stewardship and responsibility to care for the LNR.

This option gives members of the local community the opportunity to adopt an area of the LNR, and to manage and care for it in consultation with FECH.

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Volunteer From Home

Our Volunteer From Home initiative is designed to provide an option for those who would like to contribute to the health and vibrancy of the LNR from the comfort of their own home. It particularly suits those who find it difficult to attend practical sessions on the hill but would still like to help out and make a difference.

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