Hill Watch

If you are out and about on Easter Craiglockhart Hill and spot something unusual you can use this page to report any issues. 

The information below includes how to report and to whom in various different circumstances, however it cannot cover every eventuality – use common sense to decide when to report.

Always think about your own safety and protection, do not take any risks and avoid intervening directly.

If you make a report to any external agency, please copy-in or notify the Friends of Easter Craiglockhart Hill on [email protected].

If you are not sure what action to take, you can contact the Friends group. 

You could use our Facebook page or Twitter to publicise anything that should be brought to the attention of others visiting Easter Craiglockhart Hill.

  • Fallen or dangerous trees

If a tree or large branch has fallen across a path or is clearly a danger to passers-by, report to the Forestry Service

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 0131 311 7074

For out of hours emergencies Tel: 0131 200 2000

  • Vandalism or damage 

If you spot damage or graffiti or vandalism to gates or fences or signs or steps or seats or anything else, report to Natural Heritage Service.

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 0131 529 2401

  • Injured birds or animals

Report to the SSPCA Rescue officers through their Help Line 03000 999 999 with a description of the injury and the location of the injured bird or animal. The SSPCA officers will then be contacted and will either give telephone advice or come out and take whatever action is necessary. They can do little to help fledglings that have fallen out of a nest.

If you come across swans or ducks wandering on the streets, try to shepherd the birds back to the pond. If this is not possible and the birds are clearly in danger, ask the SSPCA Officers to help.

  • Report an out of control dog 

To report an out of control dog email [email protected].

  • Dangerous dogs 

All dangerous dogs should be reported to Police Scotland on 101. 

  • Fires

It is against the Outdoor Access Code to start a fire on Easter Craiglockhart Hill without permission. Leaders of organised youth groups may sometimes demonstrate how to safely make small camp fires. If a fire seems to be at risk of getting out of control (and especially so if in an area of gorse), report immediately to the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (111 or 999) and subsequently to the Natural Heritage Service

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 0131 529 2401

  • Rough Sleepers

It is against the Outdoor Access Code to camp or sleep rough on Easter Craiglockhart Hill. If you think someone is doing so on a regular basis, report to the Natural Heritage Service

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 0131 529 2401

  • Teenage Drinkers

There have been frequent large ‘gatherings’ of teenage drinkers at weekends. Our concern is mainly for the health and well-being of these young people. If you see such a gathering or suspect any kind of illegal activity, report to our local Community Police Officers (111 or 999) who will monitor the situation and take action if necessary.



The City of Edinburgh Council website informs you how to deal with any of the following:

This can usually be done either by completing a form online at
https://www.edinburgh.gov.uk/emergencies-safety-crime or by telephoning 0131 608 1100

This number can also be used to check if your missing pet has been found.