Craighouse Update

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CraighouseMany people in the local community have been wondering about progress with the Craighouse developments. Planning permission was granted 18 months ago but nothing much seems to have happened since then apart from some land clearance.

Clearbell – the developers – have now set up a website to inform the community about the planned schedule of works at Work on site infrastructure (services, drainage, roads and paths) should start very soon. There may be some constraints on access through the site as a result.

Take a look at the website and, if you have questions or concerns, let us know or, if you prefer, contact the developers directly.

The various works described on the website will constitute  a formal ‘Commencement’ date for the development. This will trigger negotiations on land transfer which must be completed within one year. Part of the existing Local Nature Reserve and two other areas of woodland will transfer into Council ownership increasing the overall area of the local Nature Reserve by about 50%.

It will be important to monitor this controversial development closely to ensure that community amenity is protected”.