Craighouse Update

Many of you will not have failed to notice that a broad swathe of land to the
north of the top of Easter Craiglockhart Hill has been cleared of gorse and
brambles. Craighouse Limited, working together with Scottish Water, have
cleared this land in preparation for the installation of a new mains water
supply. The pipe will be laid over the next few weeks following a route from
Glenlockhart Road, along the edge of the Merchants golf club then round the hill to Craighouse.
It is a statutory requirement that the old private mains
supply be replaced. The cleared area will be unsightly for some months but
should regenerate quickly. Disruption for walkers should be minimal and
there will be remedial planting and path repairs once the water pipe has
been laid. We hope that it will be possible to pick brambles there next year.
Craighouse Limited have also submitted a planning application to fell about
30 trees in the three woodland areas scheduled to transfer to Council
ownership at the end of this year. It is sad to lose any trees but almost all are
diseased or damaged. It is a planning requirement that the woodlands are
handed over in good condition. So, over the next couple of months, trees will
be trimmed or felled, hedges trimmed, ivy removed and undergrowth
cleared around the Craighouse site. We are satisfied that no tree will be
felled without good reason and that there will be as little environmental
damage as possible. There may be some temporary path closures.
Contact us at [email protected] if you would like more detailed