• Swan Song (or RIP George)

    The angry swan

    George – our male swan – met a sad end during the night of the 17th June. He was killed defending the nest and the three remaining eggs were taken. The most likely predator would have been a fox though it would have been unusual for a fox to cross the fairly deep water around the nest. The nest had already been predated in mid April with the eggs reduced from 7 to 3 and the eggs may have been damaged at this time – they were almost certainly infertile.

    Judging by the trampled vegetation around the nest, George put up a good fight. The body was removed by the SSPCA on the morning of the 18th June.
    Vesta – our female swan – remains on the pond. Either she will find a new mate or a new pair of swans will come to the pond.

    We plan to repair the paling fence so that the swans can not access the site they chose this year and we will put nesting material around the old ‘island’ site to encourage them to return to this safer location.

    George’s tenure of the pond turned out to be brief. Nature can be cruel.”

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