Swan Saga 3

The angry swan

Our swans have chosen a new nesting site this year. There is a splendid view of the nest but it is undeniably in a more vulnerable position. Please be considerate and keep dogs well away from the site. Please don’t throw rubbish or food into the water beside the nest.

This is the second brood for our young swans. They successfully reared 7 cygnets last year. The old swans reared 120 cygnets over 20 years so the young pair still have some catching up to do. There are at least six eggs in this year’s nest. (She may have slipped in a seventh).  The last egg was laid towards the end of March so the eggs should hatch in the second week of May.

The male swan – George (PTV leg tag) – will guard the nest from harm. Three of last year’s cygnets are still on the pond and George has been ‘encouraging’ them to leave home. The swan sitting on the nest is Vesta (NIP leg tag) – our female swan. She will have feasted to build up body weight to sustain her over the nesting period. The cygnets will leave the nest and take to the water almost as soon as they hatch. They will be weighed, health checked, ringed and tagged during the summer.

Good luck to George and Vesta in raising their latest family. If you have any questions or concerns about our swans, please contact us through our website.