Swan Saga Seven

Swans have nested on Craiglockhart Pond for more than 100 years. Our swans have chosen the same nesting location as last year – great for viewing but a bit vulnerable to predators. It has not been possible to rebuild the old nesting site against the wall of the Lockharton Avenue houses.
Brighid, the female or pen, is sitting on the nest. She hatched on Craiglockhart Pond – one of the cygnets from 2012. The swan cruising around and sometimes helping out with nest building is Siegfried, the male or cob – he is also 5 years old and hatched in Glenrothes.
We are not sure how many eggs are in the nest – the best sighting so far is four but swans usually lay more than this so there may well be more. From time to time, Bridgid will rearrange the nest and stretch her legs. She will have feasted to build up weight before nesting but will feed very little while on the nest. We hope to see cygnets hatch in mid-May if all goes well.