Wild Food and Medicine in the Woods

On a bleak Thursday morning in September, fifteen hardy souls braved the cold and wind to discover what was available out there in our woods for us to eat or to use as medicine for our ailments and aches and pains.

And learn we did. The knowledge and passion of our guide, Anna of Floramedica, inspired us all. The woods will never be the same again. Now we have the courage and the knowledge to boldly seek out exotic leaves for our salads, to find cures for our ailments and to gather berries and flowers for our teas, tinctures, jams and alcoholic tipples. We are foraging converts.

We finished our exploration by consuming a tasty smorgasbord of bread, cheese and foraged leaves. Betty and Paul Geissler had kindly invited us all in to their home for the lunch to escape from the chill blasts of autumn.

A great time was had by everyone. We plan to make the ‘Foragers Walk’ into an annual event – perhaps in the spring next time. Come and join the foragers and learn about the hidden treasures of the woods.