Welcome to Craighouse residents

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A warm welcome to some new members of our local community. In May, the first residents moved into South Craig, Bevan and East Craig – three of the listed buildings in the Craighouse development on the eastern side of Easter Craiglockhart Hill. By the end of this year or early next year, work should be completed on the conversion of the south-east wing of New Craig and on the Burton block beside the main entrance. Eventually, there will be 145 homes on the site – about half will be newly constructed buildings and half conversions of the old historic buildings.

The developers have done their best to allow public access across the Craighouse site and to the open parkland area. The Craiglea Terrace entrance leading to the hill top past the replanted orchard has remained open throughout. It will now also be possible to access the site through the gatehouse or the main entrance and to loop round the orchard area to join the hilltop path just below South Craig. When the Burton building is complete, it will be possible to access the site using the ‘Steep Path’ which runs parallel to Craighouse Road. It will not be possible to use the Queens Craig entrance at the western end of the site for some time to come.

Please keep to the designated paths and obey all signage on this complex and busy building site. Please also respect the rights and the privacy of the new residents and don’t allow litter or dog waste to spoil their enjoyment of their new homes.

Contact us if you would like more detailed information about the plans and timescales for the Craighouse development.