Swan Saga – Latest update

Image by John Forbes

Our new pair of swans have, following the vote at the AGM, been christened Siegfried and Brighid – Siggy and Bridie to their friends.

They were very active during the mating season and worked together to build a solid and substantial nest. A good clutch of eggs was laid at the beginning of April – not sure yet how many eggs in the nest. They have chosen to nest in the reeds at the foot of the pond within the paling fence that was supposed to prevent access. It is, of course, illegal to disturb a swan’s nest so they will have to take their chances in this vulnerable location.

Last year, a predator – probably a fox – damaged the eggs and killed the male swan. We hope the predator will not return this year and that cygnets will be born in mid-May. If the nest is unsuccessful for a second year, we will try to encourage them to nest in a safer location in 2017.