• Graffiti Art, Love it or loath it?

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    graffiti-wallThe graffiti art on the rear wall of the Leisure Centre might be regarded as an eyesore by some. However, artists like Banksy have popularised graffiti art and there are many who admire our local example. There are quite a few positive internet reviews and comments. You can even purchase cards and posters of the Craiglockhart graffiti walls through the Redbubble website. Pause and take a closer look next time you walk past.

    We know very little about these graffiti artworks. Some local residents with long memories think it was connected with an initiative to reduce gang violence in the Oxgangs area. Do you remember how and why the graffiti wall was created? Do you know the names of any of the artists and whether they still live locally?

    Friends of Craiglockhart Woods and Nature TrailPart of the original artwork (pictured here) was covered over with external cladding when the sports centre was refurbished a few years ago. Does anyone have more pictures of the “lost mural”?

    Please contact us if you can shed any light on the history of our graffiti wall.

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