Important information regarding the Meadowspot Path landslip

The Meadowspot path connects the Morningside and the Craiglockhart sides of the hill. It has been closed now for 16 months following a serious landslip and the discovery of asbestos contamination.

For several months, engineering consultants from the Council and Qmile, the Craighouse developers, have been trying to reach agreement on what needs to be done about drainage and slope stabilisation. We have been told that agreement is imminent. The next steps will hopefully be stabilisation work (to be carried out by Qmile) then removal of the landslip material from the slope, the path and the Meadowspot common ground (to be carried out by the Council).The path could then be reopened.

We have tried to monitor what is happening and repeatedly pointed out that the closure causes considerable inconvenience to the local community. If, by the end of the year, there is no tangible evidence of progress, we will consider other ways of making our views known.