• Important information regarding the Meadowspot Path landslip


    The heavy rain in mid-August caused a substantial landslip of the ash spoil heap in the woods above the Meadowspot houses. Ash from the old boiler house had, it seems, been deposited at the top of the slope over a period of many years since the opening of the Craighouse Hospital in the 1890s.

    Asbestos contamination was detected in the landslip material which had flowed down the slope, across the path and into some of the gardens of the Meadowspot residents. Initial soil testing results indicated that the Asbestos contamination is not at a high level of concentration. However, to ensure public safety, the Meadowspot path will stay closed both at the eastern end (Craighouse Road) and at the western end as will some connecting paths.

    Warning signs about the asbestos contamination have been placed on gates and barriers. Please do not cross or remove the barriers. The risk of further landslip still exists. We have been assured that the Council will give priority attention to removing the contaminated material and stabilising the slope. 

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