Craighouse Development: Public Consultation Dates

The dates for the public consultation meetings which, we believe, form part of the formal consultation process are as follows:

 Thursday 1st September     4pm – 8pm

 Saturday 3rd September   10am – 4pm

 Monday 5th September       4pm – 8pm

 According to the developers these will “cover the same ground” – the aim being to provide a range of times for people to attend.

The developers will be making the case for a formal “change of use” to residential use (that is not the case at the moment and a change of use would have to be passed). They will also present their justification for the amount of new building they want to put on the site.

This is an important opportunity for the public to ask questions and air concerns and keep a close eye on what is happening to this very important and beautiful historic site and local resource. Please try and go along and tell friends, neighbours and other interested people or forward this information.

All events will be held in the Old Craig Building (the pink building) on the Craighouse Campus site, Craighouse Road, Edinburgh, EH10 5LG.

New Facebook page for interested parties

Rosy Barnes has set up a fledgling Facebook page for anyone who wants to keep informed about this and who cares about the site. It is called Friends of Craighouse Grounds and Wood.

You can tick “like” on the page and tell anyone else who wants to be kept informed to do this.  This will keep you all informed of any meetings and dates that she knows of, relevant articles and information.

Rosy’s email address, if anyone wants to ask her anything, is [email protected].