Community Ownership

The City of Edinburgh Council have recently completed a Public Consultation regarding the possibility to “transfer ownership and management of the woodland and open space within the Easter Craiglockhart Hill Local Nature Reserve and Craighouse Campus to the Council or appropriate body in the community.”

The Friends of Craiglockhart Woods and Nature Trail (FCWNT) were invited to participate in the consultation and our response is outlined bleow:

“The Friends of Craiglockhart Woods and Nature Trail (FCWNT) are in favour of a combination of options 2 and 4a. This would initially involve the Council taking ownership of the entire Local Nature Reserve (LNR) and the woodland and open space currently owned by the Craighouse Partnership that is not part of the LNR.

The Council would then work to achieve designation of an expanded LNR that would include the 2 woodland areas marked 3 and 4 on the map (.pdf 426.86 KB) and also work to achieve an appropriate designation for the open grass area marked 5 on the map. FCWNT would then be in support of a transition of this enlarged LNR into ownership and management by the community over a period of time  if proper organisation and adequate funding can be achieved to allow the community to take over the management of the LNR.

The preference stated should not be regarded as either an expression of support or of opposition to the current, or any future, proposals that relate to Craiglockhart Hill by The Craighouse Partnership or any other Property Developer.”

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