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Strange sounds were heard last week in Craiglockhart Woods. The click of metal on metal. Excited cries and frustrated curses. Pétanque is gaining in popularity!
More than 30 novice players gathered in the curling rink area at the Craiglockhart Terrace entrance for a practice session. Quite a few spectators and several dogs watched with interest. Mentored by our friends from Inverleith Pétanque Club, some surprisingly competitive matches were played. Our youngest player was Leo at 6 days (he slept throughout, to be honest – he must do better next time) and some of the best players came from the Hanover sheltered development down the road.

We will be installing a bumper bar at the western end of the area to stop the boules disappearing into the woods and there will be a pétanque board with a summary of the very simple rules. Anyone can play at any time but, during July and August, we plan practice sessions on Tuesday evenings from 7.00pm to 9.00pm. We will make sure that sets of boules are available and someone to explain the rules. On the last Tuesday of each month, we will stage a Pétanque Mini Prix – perhaps a competition between two local streets. We will string the courts (or ‘pistes’) properly and seating and refreshments will be provided – perhaps even a small trophy. As the days get shorter, we will switch to daytime weekend sessions.

The latest information will be on the notice board in the curling rink area – which may in the future become known as the pétanque area. Come along on Tuesday evenings whatever your age or ability. You will be very welcome and we guarantee that you will enjoy playing pétanque.