Geology Walk – 8th May 2018

Last year, more than 60 folk turned out for a fascinating Geology Walk led by Angus Miller of Geowalks.
The walk will be repeated this year starting at the stone steps on Lockharton Crescent and climbing to the top of Wester Craiglockhart Hill. You will pass by outcrops of our distinctive Craiglockhart basalt. You will hear how the Craiglockhart Hills were formed by volcanos 350 million years ago and how they have been shaped by geological forces ever since then.
This year, Angus has included this walk in the Geowalks programme of guided walks so you can sign up on his website –  – which also has loads of other interesting walks.  Our walk starts at 7.00pm, covers a distance of about two miles and will take about two hours. Angus will stick to the paths but there are some uphills and the paths may be muddy and slippy so ŵear sensible shoes. The cost of the walk is £7 but free for dogs and children!”