Job Vacancy – Community Engagement Worker

Do you care about the environment and want to make a difference? Would you like to organise community events and activities on our Local Nature Reserve? Could you recruit and supervise volunteers? Can you use social media confidently and creatively?

We are looking for a part-time worker (or workers) to work until the end of October 2022. The post is for a maximum of 14 hours per week. Work times are flexible – some hours will be worked on-site, some from home. The salary is pro-rata to a full-time salary of £20K. If you are interested, send us a CV and/or a statement of what you could offer.

Email applications to [email protected] by 07.01.2022




POST:  Community Engagement Worker

MANAGED BY: Chair of Friends of Easter Craiglockhart Hill (FECH) and delegated trustees.

ACCOUNTABLE TO: The trustees of FECH.

OVERALL PURPOSE: To work with FECH to increase membership and volunteer involvement, to improve access and inclusion and to promote recreation, education and learning on and about Easter Craiglockhart Hill Local Nature Reserve.


  1. To recruit, inform and provide guidance to volunteers. Actions will include:
  • Co-ordinating and organising a Hill Work Squad of volunteers undertaking practical land management and conservation tasks on a regular basis
  • Organising occasional events and activities to involve the FECH membership and the general public
  • Publicising, organising and guiding volunteer work activity carried out by external conservation groups, schools and corporate bodies
  • Introducing a scheme aimed at encouraging individuals, families or small groups to ‘adopt’ specific locations or remits
  • Ensuring appropriate risk management and health and safety procedures for all voluntary work
  • Liaising with the Natural Heritage service of the City of Edinburgh Council to identify suitable tasks for volunteers and reporting back on any issues or problems
  • Helping to assess the need and to seek funding for environmental and usage improvements
  1. To involve people, both in the local community and further afield, in events and activities in or about Easter Craiglockhart Hill. Actions will include:
  • Co-ordinating a programme of guided walks to promote fitness or provide educational or environmental information
  • Exploring the potential for income generation from events and activities
  • Helping people with mobility difficulties or with other support needs to safely and enjoyably spend time on Easter Craiglockhart Hill
  • Assessing what changes in the physical environment could improve access and enhance enjoyment
  1. To develop and disseminate learning materials to improve understanding and enjoyment of the natural environment. Actions will include:
  • Distributing the ‘Outdoor Learning Resource Pack’ produced by FECH and encouraging usage of the Pack by schools, nurseries and youth groups
  • Composing and displaying updates on birds, animals and plants on newsletters and social media and onsite on snapframes and notice boards
  1. To report to the trustees and members of FECH through:
  • Attending and reporting to meetings of FECH trustees
  • Reporting to the AGM of FECH
  • Helping to produce proposals for new initiatives
  1. To raise awareness of the work and objectives of FECH by:
  • Contacting local groups and services
  • Promoting increased membership through the website and social media
  • Liaising and linking with other groups and organisations including Councillors and Community Councils
  • Using social media creatively to share news and publicise activities and opportunities
  1. To carry out any other task consistent with the broad remit of the post

The Friends of Easter Craiglockhart Hill are a registered Scottish Charity No. SCO49086.