• The “Dirty Weekenders”

    Dirty Weekenders” On Sunday 2nd February, a valiant band of students from Edinburgh University’s Conservation Society (widely known as the ‘Dirty Weekenders’ ) descended on Craiglockhart Woods. Peter ¬†Hawkins from Spokes had suggested that they do battle with the muddy path from the Craighouse entrance to the pond. Following all the recent heavy rain, this path had become a morass of mud and leaf detritus. Cyclists and walkers were struggling along the path only with great difficulty.

    The Dirty Weekenders scraped and shovelled all day and made a huge difference. We are very grateful to them and to Peter for arranging the work day.
    We hope the Dirty Weekenders can return on an annual basis. We have promised to reward them with hot soup and sausage rolls and maybe even a pint in the pub afterwards. We have posted some pictures below of the Dirty Weekenders hard at work.”

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