Community Adoption

Community Adoption provides opportunity for people to adopt an area of the LNR to look after. Adopters will specify an area within the LNR and take responsibility for it, in consultation with FECH.

An ‘area’ might refer to a particular path, section of woodland, meadow, pond bank etc. or indeed, a specific task, for example; litter picking, seed propagation and planting, invasive species removal, or monitoring of particular species.

We currently have adoption volunteers who:

  • Look after specific paths by cutting back vegetation and removing litter.
  • Co-ordinate our Seeds & Planting program.
  • Conduct regular litter picks.

We are always looking for more people with this level of regular commitment and welcome all ideas and suggestions regarding potential adoption areas and plans.

Community Adoption participants can look forward to guidance and support from FECH regarding appropriate management strategies, health and safety requirements, borrowing equipment, and mobilisation tf the HWS to provide extra pairs of hands for larger tasks.

To find out more, or suggest an adoption plan, please e-mail [email protected]