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Swan Saga Six

In fact, there are seven swans on the pond – Siegfried (the cob), Brighid (the pen) and five cygnets. Sadly we lost one of the cygnets at the end of May – probably to a gull attack. The cygnets are now scruffy adolescents but still charming. They have lost their fluffy down and are growing […]

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Craighouse Update

  Many people in the local community have been wondering about progress with the Craighouse developments. Planning permission was granted 18 months ago but nothing much seems to have happened since then apart from some land clearance. Clearbell – the developers – have now set up a website to inform the community about the planned […]

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Swan Saga 4

There are six adorable fluffy cygnets sailing serenely on Craiglockhart Pond with their proud parents, Brighid and Siegfried (Bridie and Siggy). The cygnets were born on Thursday 12th and Friday 13th May and took to the water the following day. Yolk absorbed from the egg keeps them going over the first week or so as […]

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2016 Petanque Season

Now that the there is lengthening evening light, we will get our petanque sessions under way again. We plan to play on Tuesday evenings from 7.00pm onwards in the curling rink area at the Craiglockhart Terrace entrance to the woods. The first session is likely to be on Tuesday 10th May – look out for […]

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Swan Saga – Latest update

Our new pair of swans have, following the vote at the AGM, been christened Siegfried and Brighid – Siggy and Bridie to their friends. They were very active during the mating season and worked together to build a solid and substantial nest. A good clutch of eggs was laid at the beginning of April – […]

Play Trail

Play Trail

Our play trail is taking shape. During the week, the various play sites are well used by our regular groups from Craiglockhart Primary, Corner House Nursery and Little Monkeys Nursery. In the school holidays, they are joined by groups of children from the holiday play schemes at George Watsons School and Craiglockhart Leisure Centre. More […]

News update

2016 AGM

Nearly 70 of our members turned out for our AGM at Meggetland Sports Centre on March 3rd. The first task of the evening was to vote for names for our swans and for the living willow pirate ship. ‘Champions’ from the audience presented the shortlisted names and the winners were ‘Siegfried‘ for the male swan, […]

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Strange sounds were heard last week in Craiglockhart Woods. The click of metal on metal. Excited cries and frustrated curses. Pétanque is gaining in popularity! More than 30 novice players gathered in the curling rink area at the Craiglockhart Terrace entrance for a practice session. Quite a few spectators and several dogs watched with interest. […]

The angry swan

Swan Song (or RIP George)

George – our male swan – met a sad end during the night of the 17th June. He was killed defending the nest and the three remaining eggs were taken. The most likely predator would have been a fox though it would have been unusual for a fox to cross the fairly deep water around […]

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Little Grebes on Graiglockhart Pond

Little Grebes or Dabchicks have been spotted during March on Craiglockhart Pond. They are, as the name suggests, the smallest members of the grebe family and are widely distributed across Europe, Africa and Asia. About the size of a moorhen, they have a sharper beak and a ‘fluffy’ rear end. In the summer, they have […]