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Blue Tit

Spotted by:  John Forbes Where:          Near main gate, Lockharton Crescent  When:            2nd April


Spotted by:  John Forbes Where:          Along path pond side When:            1st April

Swan Watch 2021

Our resident nesting pair, Brighid and Siegfried, have built their nest in the same spot as last year. This is their 6th year of nesting at Craiglockhart Pond. Eggs have been spotted on the nest from the 24th March. For the next seven to eight weeks, Brighid will rarely leave the nest apart from occasionally […]

Help us plant snowdrops!

  Come to 2 Lockharton Crescent from 10am – 12pm Friday 26th and Saturday 27th March to collect snowdrop bulbs to plant over the weekend.   Bring along a trowel, and plant the snowdrops in Easter Craiglockhart Hill LNR, wherever you think they would look nice! They will be happiest in semi-shade and don’t like […]


The snowdrop is often heralded as the first sign of spring. These small white flowers appear from January through to March, and are often found poking through snow in small clumps. Although they look delicate, snowdrops are hardy plants. They contain antifreeze proteins, which protect them against damage from frosts and snow. Snowdrops may not […]